voice authorization

The Voice Authorization System (VAS) can be used to authorize a credit or debit card payment when your normal means of performing authorizations is unavailable or when you receive a “Call Center” response to a payment transaction.

It is important to note that receiving an approval response through the VAS is only the first step in a two part process for ensuring you actually receive funds from the transaction. After a voice authorization is performed, the second step is to capture the authorization either through your terminal or POS system using the 6 digit approval code you received from the VAS.

It is important to note that different systems use different terms for capturing an authorization. For instance, Hypercom® or Equinox® terminals typically call it an “offline sale” while popular PAX® devices use “post auth”. Other common transaction terms are “ticket only” and “forced sale”.

Please remember, anytime you utilize the VAS to authorize a card present transaction, it is a best practice to take an imprint of the credit or debit card using an imprinter machine that has a plate with your business name and merchant ID embossed on it, record the 6 digit approval code on the imprinter slip and have the customer sign it like they would a normal transaction receipt. Following this practice can help prevent a costly chargeback.

Failing to capture an authorization as described above will result in you not being funded for the transaction. For help using the VAS, capturing an authorization or ordering an imprinter machine and plate with your merchant information embossed on it, please contact Customer Support at 888.624.3687, M-F, 7am - 5:30pm Pacific.

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