Our ISO & Agent Partnership Program is centered on building long term, mutually beneficial relationships that add value to end users and enrich all parties involved in that value chain. Our program is designed to deliver:

  • Competitive lifetime residuals backed by 100% transparency and revenue sharing on all income streams
  • A clear and frictionless path for addressing the payment challenges of our time including EMV, NFC, Apple Pay®, Android Pay™ and PCI DSS compliance
  • Optional registration with major card brands (Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, American Express®)
  • A payment processing partner that will continuously work hard to earn your trust and help you succeed.
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ISOs and Agents can take advantage of our Paygistix® Gateway, a PCI DSS level 1 validated payment gateway which supports dial, IP and wireless connectivity and connects to a multitude of major processing networks. In addition, Paygistix features a host of companion products and integration solutions that will help you to add value to your clients.

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