Accept contactless payments like Apple Pay®, Google Pay®, QR code payments, text messaging payments & other emerging technologies while supporting the latest EMV & NFC chip card standards.

Food and beverage hospitality merchants and retailers alike realize they must implement contactless payments and mobile optimized business solutions to build trust with consumers and improve hygiene in their business. We created the PayLink® mobile commerce platform to provide merchants with the next generation in contactless ordering and contactless payment technology. With PayLink, patrons can retrieve their check from their mobile device, add items to their order and pay. PayLink brings a whole new meaning to contactless payments by eliminating the need for consumers to physically interact with staff to order and checkout. PayLink is a one of a kind social distancing commerce solution for both online and in-store business operations.

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contactless payments and contactless ordering

Click here to learn more about EMV and here to learn more about NFC technology (for those interested in a more technical understanding of EMV and NFC technology).

Interested in Online Ordering with Curbside Pickup?

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we're making it easy for restaurants and retailers to implement a simple yet robust online ordering solution with curbside pickup. We've indefinitely waived all monthly fees for our Base plan and have deeply discounted our Pro and Volume plans. Activate your free online ordering account now.

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