Paygistix products and integration solutions for merchants, developers and value added resellers.

Paygistix Client

Powerful payment integration plugin to support EMV, eliminate PA-DSS and minimize scope of PCI DSS compliance.

Paygistix Mobile

Mobile version of Virtual Terminal with swiped capabilities for Apple® & Android® devices.

Paygistix Virtual Terminal

Process and manage credit, debit, ACH, gift, loyalty and recurring billing payments through any device with an internet connection.

Paygistix P2PE

Direct point to point encryption interface supporting a variety of encrypted devices using DUKPT key management.

Paygistix Cloud

Cloud based semi-integration technology compatible with most OS® platforms.

Paygistix Pay-at-the-Table

Self-pay implementation via consumer's mobile or tablet device.

paygistix gateway payment logistics

Paygistix Terminal

The reliability of a dial, IP or wireless payment device combined with the features and functionality of Paygistix Gateway.

Paygistix Register

Tablet ECR with order entry, signature capture, P2PE and web-based reporting.

Paygistix Web

Semi-integration for ecommerce payments that reduces or eliminates PCI scope and makes adding web payments simple.

Paygistix POS Marketplace

Paygistix resellers have access to cutting edge POS systems to address a variety of merchant needs.

Paygistix Wireless

3G and GPRS wireless gateway service for support with wireless payment devices.

Paygistix Connect

Electronic Data Interchange and messaging platform to connect multiple disparate systems and networks.

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