With ComeBackCard, increase sales, drive repeat business and build relationships with your best customers. If a repeat customer walked into your store or made an order today, would you know about it? More importantly, would you know if that customer didn't? What if you had an effective way to engage, incentivize and communicate with your customers to keep them coming back? What if you could easily track your customers’ spending, find those who haven’t made a recent purchase and send them a reason to come back? What if you could do all this and more for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a week?

comebackcard gift and loyalty card solutions

Gift Card Program

gift cardGift cards are a high-margin, low maintenance method of increasing sales and getting new customers through your door. A typical gift card recipient spends more than they typically would so why not take advantage of this great opportunity?

  • Simple and easy to implement
  • Predictable
  • Increase sales and get opportunity to bring in new customers
  • Compatible with most terminals and POS systems including Microsoft RMS & Micros
  • Take advantage of gift giving market and avoid sending potential customers to a competitor! 
  • Choose from pre-designed cards or create custom cards to match your brand

Loyalty Reward Program

gift cardWith the ComeBackCard loyalty program, reward and incentivize existing customers while gaining valuable knowledge about their purchasing behavior to create customized marketing campaigns. 

  • Choose from a variety of loyalty program types (i.e. spend, punch cards, cash back, etc)
  • Create effective email and SMS text messaging campaigns to promote sales and new products
  • Use “drill down demographic” reports to produce effective mail marketing lists
  • Find your dormant customers and bring them back with special offers just for them
  • Reward customer purchases and encourage repeat business (i.e. buy 9 get the 10th free)
  • Keep your refunds in-house by using the card as a “stored value” card