credit card processing decline error

It is important to understand that a “decline” response means the card issuer is unable or unwilling to provide an authorization on the cardholder’s account.

It does not mean that there was an error running the transaction. Card issuers decline transactions for many different reasons. Some of them include unusual activity, an account balance that is near or at its limit, a new card that has not yet been activated and more. In the event you receive a decline response, there are a few important things to note:

  1. It is recommended to wait a minimum of 24 hours before requesting another authorization on the same card.
  2. Kindly inform the customer their card was declined by their card issuing bank and request another form of payment. If the customer pushes back, advise them to contact the card issuer.
  3. If you receive a “Referral” response or your payment system is not functioning, you should perform a voice authorization. Remember, only voice authorization approval codes obtained from the above phone numbers are valid.

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