Workflows in the food and beverage hospitality industry haven’t changed much in the last few decades.


While POS technology is helping merchants gain insights into their operations and stay organized, the ordering and checkout process is more often than not archaic and inefficient. Meanwhile, the vast majority of food and beverage hospitality operators don’t have a good way to digitally connect with their customers and are therefore unable to directly engage them after they’ve left their establishment.

Advancements in technology have ushered in a number of new solutions that bolster productivity and help merchants drive repeat business. PayLink, by Payment Logistics, is perhaps the most promising of these emerging solutions. PayLink streamlines operations by digitally connecting patrons and staff to an advanced mobile commerce platform. By leveraging modern technology like PayLink, food and beverage hospitality operators can drive operational efficiencies with ease while directly engaging with their customers to significantly improve top-line performance.

For patrons, PayLink is an advanced mobile technology that allows them to retrieve their check from their mobile device through a simple text message, add items to their order and checkout when they’re ready. There is no requirement for them to download an application, register for an account or remember a password. PayLink also provides convenient online ordering solutions where guests can order in advance so their food is ready on arrival or they can order for takeout, curbside delivery and even in-room dining.

“Serving staff can take orders directly from the table with any mobile device”

For wait-staff, PayLink is a cutting edge productivity tool that leverages mobile technology to take orders tableside, receive interactive notifications when a guest has added an item or paid, and perform common functions like check splitting. The need to make countless trips to the POS to input orders, print checks and adjust tips is eliminated. This allows servers to effectively handle more guests which leads to significantly increased gratuities.

For management, PayLink is a game changing business optimization solution that enables their business to gather and respond to guest feedback in real-time, monitor employee performance, bridge service gaps and perform post visit guest engagement. By collecting in-store ratings feedback from customers, venues can implement controls that ensure staff perform at their highest level. Consider for example how popular ride sharing platforms like Lyft and Uber utilize driver ratings for quality control. PayLink gives food and beverage operators similar capabilities.

There is no denying that advancements in technology have changed the way people interact with each other and their vendors. For many food and beverage hospitality operators, these changes have been hard to embrace as they are often disruptive to implement and costly to maintain. PayLink was designed to overcome these challenges. Its intuitive interface, cloud based architecture and shockingly low subscription fee make adopting the solution simple and painless.

PayLink is sold through Payment Logistics’ network of value added reseller partners and is integrated with various leading point of sale systems like Micros, OrderCounter and others. Food and beverage hospitality operators interested in implementing PayLink should contact their POS reseller or Payment Logistics directly.

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