Identifying the Challenge

As the issuance of EMV chip cards became prevalent in the United States, Baja Fresh Mexican Grill franchisee owner Vijay M., was concerned about the increase in EMV related chargebacks which was starting to threaten his bottom line. Since Vijay did not have an EMV chip card solution in place, the new rules around accepting chip cards meant he would continue to lose all EMV related chargebacks without a chance to appeal. Vijay worried about accepting card payments for large takeout orders and parties for fear of EMV related chargebacks.


Looking for a Solution

After contacting his existing payment processor, Vijay was discouraged to find they had no immediate solution available for him other than implementing standalone EMV card readers. Vijay knew that in order to maintain an efficient checkout workflow across his multi-location business, he had to have an EMV chip card acceptance solution that was tightly integrated with his Micros 3700 POS system. He spoke with fellow Baja Fresh franchisees about how they were approaching the problem before proceeding. One of the franchisees who was facing similar challenges told him about Payment Logistics. This franchisee was in the process of signing up for their Micros integrated EMV solution. Vijay made the decision to reach out to Payment Logistics directly.

The Sales Process

After making an inquiry online, Vijay was immediately contacted by an Integrated Payments Specialist for Payment Logistics who walked him through the Paygistix EMV solution for Micros POS systems. Payment Logistics showed Vijay how the Paygistix solution would add support for EMV and NFC digital wallets such as Apple Pay® and Android Pay®. They also showed Vijay how he could further optimize his checkout workflow by upgrading to customer facing EMV chip card readers while significantly enhancing his overall cardholder data security without spending thousands to update his existing Micros POS system. Vijay decided to sign-up with Payment Logistics.


Payment Logistics configured and tested the customer facing EMV chip card payment devices and then shipped them directly to Vijay. A dedicated Paygistix Product Specialist worked directly with Vijay and his IT personnel to schedule and install the solution. The devices were easy to plug into the network and the solution was configured via a remote session into the Micros back of house server. Payment Logistics and Vijay’s team performed a round of live testing and validated the Micros POS EMV integration solution was working well in his environment. Vijay’s employees found the transition to the new chip card solution was seamless and did not require any change to their normal transaction processing workflow other than allowing the customer to insert their own chip card into the EMV payment device or tapping their Apply Pay or Android Pay enabled device. Several days after implementation, the Baja Fresh team did however run into one difference with how refunds were issued which forced cashiers to deviate from their familiar routine for performing refunds. This difference was brought to the attention of Payment Logistics who within just a few days developed and deployed an update to make the process identical to what Vijay’s employees were used to.


Since adding the Paygistix EMV integration solution for Micros POS, Vijay no longer receives EMV related chargebacks and no longer has to worry about accepting chip card payments for large orders. Customers can now pay with popular digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Android Pay which has sped up lines, decreased wait times and helped Vijay’s Baja Fresh locations cater to the millennial demographic which is an important customer segment for them. Vijay is also reassured by the added data security protection provided by the new solution which captures sensitive cardholder data on purpose built payment devices and then sends it over an encrypted connection directly to Payment Logistics. Now sensitive cardholder data never traverses Vijay’s network unencrypted and his POS workstations and back of house server never interact with it – virtually eliminating Vijay’s risk of a cardholder data security breach and making it simple for him to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

“The Payment Logistics POS support team is very helpful, knowledgeable and flexible. They worked with me diligently to avoid any interruption to my business and to ensure a smooth transition. There is a sense of ownership I felt when Payment Logistics implemented the Micros EMV solution that helped me feel at ease with the process. The solution itself is self-sustaining and very easy for restaurant employees to work with. Also, the addition of Apple Pay has been great - customers love it and it speeds up checkout!”
- Vijay M. - Baja Fresh Mexican Grill Franchisee

For additional information about the Paygistix EMV Solution for Micros, please visit here.

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