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The Paygistix Pay at the Table solution is designed to help increase revenues and reduce expenses for restaurants while promoting a better experience for customers and encouraging repeat business. Truly a win-win for your business and your customers.

Faster table turns equals increased revenues.

A restaurant’s ability to turn tables efficiently has a huge positive impact on their top and bottom line performance. A traditional checkout workflow involves delivering the itemized check, tendering payment and closing out the check with gratuity. This antiquated workflow can easily add 10 minutes or more to each table turn that could otherwise be avoided with the Paygistix Pay at the Table solution. For a restaurant serving 30 tables in a day, that’s a potential efficiency gain of 5+ hours. With a $30 ticket average per table, that is an additional $900/day in revenue. Pay at the Table allows you to reduce labor expense or serve more tables in less time.

Stop negative reviews before they happen.

With Paygistix Pay at the Table, restaurants can head off negative reviews by receiving real-time notifications of dissatisfied customers before they leave. Paygistix Pay at the Table solution can easily be configured with a simple “Rate your Dining Experience” survey and any less than positive feedback can be sent to designated restaurant staff for immediate intervention. Studies suggest that a difference in 1-star on and similar review sites can impact revenues by 5 - 9% ( The ability to gather customer feedback in this manner will translate into better guest experiences and increased revenue.

Showcase unique technology and experiences.

According to a survey by the National Restaurant Association, 70 percent of consumers said they believe technology expedites service and increases order accuracy while 79 percent said it increases convenience ( Paygistix Pay at the Table technology has distinct capabilities such as the ability to receive text message receipts and notify valet of an impending departure. These features help restaurants earn more repeat visits and word of mouth advertising by differentiating themselves with unique guest checkout experiences.

Better tips means reduced employee turnover.

Employee turnover is one of the strongest headwinds restaurants face. Paygistix Pay at the Table technology helps provide prompt service which leads to happier guests who will reward wait staff accordingly. Gratuity suggestion screens streamline the tipping process, encourage higher tips and further promote a seamless end user experience – all of which reduces employee turnover while increasing morale.

The Paygistix solution is a true “Best in Class” solution that offers more than simple payments. Paygistix adds many great features that you cannot find anywhere else designed to improve your restaurants bottom line. Our tight integration with many popular POS systems (including Micros) provides a truly integrated solution.

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