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Carl, CEO of Computer Assistance Company has been selling POS systems for 30+ years. While the majority of his revenue is generated from POS sales, payment processing residuals has become the most significant source of his income growth over the last 10 years. But Carl became increasingly suspicious that his processing partner wasn’t honoring their agreement to share 50% of the payments income generated from his accounts.

Fast forward to today. Carl is working with Payment Logistics as his preferred payment processor. He takes advantage of their advanced technology offerings and is earning 325% more on his residuals.

“Working with Payment Logistics was one of the best business decisions I have made in a long time. The increase in residuals and their EMV solution got my initial attention, but their outstanding level of service and support have been what keeps me going back,” remarked Carl Meadows, CEO of Computer Assistance Company.

Carl Considers Making a Change

Carl, like many other POS dealers was reluctant to test out new payment providers. He had grown comfortable with his longstanding provider’s service and payment technology offering, but he knew his residual reports lacked transparency and made it impossible for him to determine exactly how his provider was calculating his payments.

To make matters worse, a growing number of Carl’s merchants were complaining about both a degradation in customer service and new fees showing up on their statements. Some of these merchants eventually left the provider Carl signed them up with for better rates and service, thus negatively impacting Carl’s bottom-line. This was the final straw that prompted Carl to investigate other solutions. In doing so, Carl learned his POS vendor had recently partnered with Payment Logistics not only for their leading edge EMV solution, but also for their honest and transparent revenue sharing program.

Carl Tests the Waters

One of Carl’s merchants who had recently left his longstanding payments provider for more competitive pricing and better service contacted Carl to inquire about EMV solutions. Payment Logistics not only offered an integrated EMV solution but also eliminated Carl’s requirement to become QIR certified pursuant to Visa’s upcoming mandate (January 31, 2017). Carl decided to test the waters.

Payment Logistics worked directly with Carl’s merchant to explain their technology solution and how it would diminish their data security liability and PCI DSS burden by allowing them to participate in Visa’s Technology Innovation Program at no additional cost. They explained how this added security prevented EMV chargebacks while enhancing the merchant’s operational efficiencies through real-time access to the Paygistix transaction management portal. Payment Logistics was able to show Carl’s merchant how to take a significant step forward in payment technology while maintaining the competitive rates they had established with their current provider. By working closely with the merchant throughout the sales process, Payment Logistics was able to help Carl win the account back.

Carl received his first residual payment and the results spoke for themselves. With Carl’s previous payments partner, he earned $4.22 on $83,370 in volume or 0.005%. With Payment Logistics he earned $196.69 on $82,758 in volume or 0.24%. That amounted to nearly a 48 times increase in monthly revenue. Carl then signed up 5 other similarly situated merchants who needed an EMV solution. The results say it all.

A Closer Look at the Numbers

The below table illustrates Carl’s monthly residuals with Payment Logistics compared to his previous provider. With Payment Logistics, Carl made $1,549.28 more per month (approx. $18.5K a year) on just these 6 accounts – that’s an increase in residual payments of over 325%.

Merchant Location Monthly Residuals
Old Provider Payment Logistics
A $4.22 $196.69
B $5.38 $217.49
C $7.19 $144.69
D $10.75 $56.66
E $222.54 $1,000.70
F $223.49 $406.62


Carl now refers all of his customers to Payment Logistics, enjoys a substantially higher income and is able to invest more resources into growing his business and servicing his customers. A win-win for Carl and his customers.

Interested in testing the waters like Carl? Call the Payment Logistics partner support team at 888.472.9564 x3 for more information.

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