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Resaleworld partnered with Payment Logistics to help your organization address the payment challenges of our time. By working with Payment Logistics, you’ll have immediate access to a payment processor that can deliver the following benefits:


Immediately start accepting EMV chip card payments along with Apple Pay®, Google Pay®; and other contactless payments while shielding yourself from EMV chargeback risk.

Enhanced Data Security

Minimize your cardholder data security exposure to that of a standalone terminal while maintaining the full benefits of integrated payment processing.


No more playing support middle man - Payment Logistics and your POS vendor work behind the scenes to resolve issues.

"I’ve been using the Liberty software since 2009 and I’ve never had a payment processor I’ve liked as much as I like Payment Logistics. As a consultant for many other resale businesses, I recommend my Payment Logistics friends because I know from experience they are an honest and reliable company."

Neil Abramson, President of NARTS and Liberty user

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