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For End Users

Once you establish a Payment Logistics merchant account, you can begin accepting payments through your website in as little as 15 minutes without any developer knowledge or expense. From online orders and custom payment buttons, to an advanced integration specification for developers, Paygistix® Web is a simple, yet robust online payment solution. Features include:

  • Add web-based payment acceptance to your website in as little as 15 minutes
  • Eliminate 100% of PCI DSS data security liability typcially involved with accepting payments online
  • Add simple payment buttons or create multi-item order forms
  • Subscription based recurring billing and online registrations
  • Capture custom data from your customers
  • Email receipts and order confirmations
  • Access sales reports online
  • Take advantage of our powerful Application Programmers Interface (API) or rely on point and click code generators

Example #1

Give your customers the ability to make one-time payments, donations and more online.

Example #2

Create a simple, customized payment form in 5-10 minutes.

gc20 $20 Gift Card $20.00
gc50 $50 Gift Card $50.00
gc100 $100 Gift Card $100.00
Total $0.00

Example #3

Store customer credit card information on file for recurring billing or invoice payments.

paygistix web

For Developers

Powerful cloud-based payment integration solution to remove web applications from the scope of PCI DSS compliance.

  • Eliminates handling of sensitive cardholder data from application
  • Processor neutral solution = one integration connects to major processing networks
  • Support for card present, MOTO, ecommerce and recurring billing transaction types
  • Forwards compatibility minimizes the need to perform ongoing integration maintenance
  • Fully supported and configured by Payment Logistics in-house technicians
  • Paygistix companion modules for card present and mobile payments with interchangeable tokenization
  • Seamless integration with Paygistix Gateway recurring billing and cardholder data vault
  • Cloud-based configurator

If you're a developer and you want to integrate Paygistix Web with your application, visit our Developers Portal.

paygistix web
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