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Support Department

Customer Service Division
Our in-house Customer Service Division is responsible for handling inbound calls from our clients in a professional and expeditious manner. We place an emphasis on only hiring individuals for this division who demonstrate ability and drive to exceed the expectations of the caller. Some of the many tasks our customer service personnel deal with on a day to day basis include (but are not limited to) assisting clients with account reconciliation, researching deposits, managing third party payment brands such as American Express and Discover, assisting clients with account changes, adding services to accounts, identifying the specific caller’s need and then insuring the appropriate company resources are assigned to resolve their issue, rekeying transactions on a merchant's behalf and working with third party vendors when appropriate to insure prompt and accurate resolution of issues.

Technical Support Division
Our in-house Technical Support Division provides in-depth support for credit card terminals, POS software and other payment applications and technology used by our clients. Our technical support personnel are highly trained professionals which other Payment Logistics departments also rely on for technology related consultation and support involving internal IT needs, data security, risk management, sales, account maintenance and interchange downgrade resolution. Training clients on the optimal use of various payment applications is an integral part of our Technical Support Division's daily responsibilities and helps our clients minimize extraneous expenses often times associated with accepting credit cards electronically. Employees working in this department are some of our most highly trained professionals and are proficient in many different aspects of the credit card processing industry.

Internal Risk Management Department

Underwriting Division
Our in-house Underwriting Division is responsible for approving new merchant accounts and working with our lead Risk Managers to review existing accounts. Individuals in this division are empowered to make decisions on accounts on a case by case basis and they answer directly to our lead Risk Managers and our Director of Operations. Underwriters working for Payment Logistics undergo extensive training that enables them to make real life risk assessments based on a client's unique situation rather than simply scoring a client against a traditional credit model. It is for this reason our Underwriters can consistently be found speaking with prospective clients directly regarding issues which may otherwise cause our competitors to automatically disqualify an applicant.

Fraud Monitoring & Prevention Division
Our in-house Fraud Monitoring & Prevention division performs daily analysis of processing transactions to ensure both us and our clients are protected from fraud. Through on-going reviews, our F.A.I.R. (Fraud Analysis Investigation and Recovery) team can help businesses reduce the potential for fraud and recover losses in the event a client of ours is victimized. As with all of our internal risk teams, our F.A.I.R. team works directly with business owners to ensure they are aware of fraud schemes that affect their business and how they can proactively protect themselves against fraudsters. In the event a client of ours is taken in by a fraudulent scheme, the F.A.I.R. team works directly with local and federal law enforcement agencies to help recover lost goods and apprehend fraudsters. In 2009, our F.A.I.R. team was responsible for recovering over $300,000 in fraudulent charges and over $200,000 in stolen merchandise.

Chargeback Division
Our in-house Chargeback team is responsible for working with clients to manage chargebacks and related issues. Employees working in the Chargeback Division are highly skilled and trained in the chargeback process and are responsible for delivering our early chargeback notification service. Our Chargeback Division is purposely designed to be labor intensive for our staff so that our clients will not suffer from the impersonal service that often accompanies the automated systems found at our much larger competitors. By thoroughly understanding chargeback rules and personally reviewing and notifying clients of each chargeback that occurs, our specialist are able to assist clients in successfully refuting illegitimate cardholder claims and preventing future cardholder disputes.

Information Technology (IT) Department

Network Operations Center (NOC)
Our in-house Network Operations Center team is responsible for ensuring the integrity of our internal IT infrastructure and our primary data center located inside our San Diego, California headquarters facility. Employees in this department are carefully selected for their in depth technical knowledge and high level understanding of data security issues. The team reviews all internal systems on a daily basis to ensure our primary data center is running at optimal levels and in compliance with payment card industry data security standards. Our NOC team members undergo extensive background screening and must adhere to strict internal operating standards and procedures.

Managed Data Security Services Division
Our in-house Managed Data Security Services Division is responsible for the development, maintenance and support of our Managed Data Security suite of products and services including our A La Carte and Managed Information Technology (IT) service. Our data security specialists are trained in Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) requirements and work with business owners to identify key data security needs and provide meaningful insights and suggestions. Employees in this division are kept up to date on new security tools, threats and issues through our in-house Data Security News Feed.

Development & Integration Support Division
Our in-house Development & Integration Support team is responsible for assisting our developer and programming partners in configuring and integrating their Point-of-Sale (POS), e-commerce shopping cart and other devices with Payment Logistics applications.

Business Development & Public Relations Department

Business Development Division
Our in-house Business Development team is responsible for working with business operators to identify their needs and respond with simple to understand and concise solutions. Through open and clear communications with business operators, employees in the Business Development division are able to make insightful suggestions about how new technologies or methods can help keep businesses safe, secure and profitable. All employees in this division are thoroughly trained in the art of interchange compliance and can help our prospective and existing clients indentify and reduce unnecessary costs.

Public Relations
Our in-house Public Relations team works on various marketing initiatives and is responsible for working with media outlets to ensure important credit card processing and electronic payment industry news is accurately released and portrayed to the public. On a daily basis, our media relations specialists are in contact with many of the major news outlets, using their expertise in the credit card processing industry to provide insight on the latest issues including PCI DSS, tokenization, data security breaches, interchange legislation, privacy laws, and other issues important to industry participants and our clients. In addition to traditional Public Relations activities, our specialist regularly communicate with lawmakers regarding important issues and offer them a level of objective and constructive insight into our industry that is typically not readily available to them.
Our Principles
We believe in honesty, accountability and quality in everything we do. We answer the phone live within three rings during normal business hours and our company executives are always available to address issues in an open and straight forward manner. We focus first on our clients’ bottom line and trust that in doing so our bottom line will take care of itself.

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