CASE STUDY: Paygistix EMV Solution for Micros®

Identifying the Challenge

As the issuance of EMV chip cards became prevalent in the United States, Baja Fresh Mexican Grill franchisee owner Vijay M., was concerned about the increase in EMV related chargebacks which was starting to threaten his bottom line. Since Vijay did not have an EMV chip card solution in place, the new rules around accepting chip cards meant he would continue to lose all EMV related chargebacks without a chance to appeal. Vijay worried about accepting card payments for large takeout orders and parties for fear of EMV related chargebacks.

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April showers bring May chargebacks – will you be ready?


“I don’t have any chargebacks right now, why should I spend the money to add EMV processing?”

Anyone selling an EMV solution has undoubtedly heard a similar sentiment from merchants. While EMV chargebacks are certainly happening to merchants in every industry, businesses with average transactions of around $25.00 are benefiting from a protection that Visa® put in place in July 2016 with American Express® following suit in August 2016. However these same protections are set to expire in April 2018 and there will no longer be a safety net in place for these merchants.

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4 Reasons every restaurant should take advantage of Paygistix Pay at the Table technology

paygistix pay at the table

The Paygistix Pay at the Table solution is designed to help increase revenues and reduce expenses for restaurants while promoting a better experience for customers and encouraging repeat business. Truly a win-win for your business and your customers.

Faster table turns equals increased revenues.

A restaurant’s ability to turn tables efficiently has a huge positive impact on their top and bottom line performance. A traditional checkout workflow involves delivering the itemized check, tendering payment and closing out the check with gratuity. This antiquated workflow can easily add 10 minutes or more to each table turn that could otherwise be avoided with the Paygistix Pay at the Table solution. For a restaurant serving 30 tables in a day, that’s a potential efficiency gain of 5+ hours. With a $30 ticket average per table, that is an additional $900/day in revenue. Pay at the Table allows you to reduce labor expense or serve more tables in less time.

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Case Study: Computer Assistance Company improves residuals earnings by 325% with Payment Logistics

var case study

Carl, CEO of Computer Assistance Company has been selling POS systems for 30+ years. While the majority of his revenue is generated from POS sales, payment processing residuals has become the most significant source of his income growth over the last 10 years. But Carl became increasingly suspicious that his processing partner wasn’t honoring their agreement to share 50% of the payments income generated from his accounts.

Fast forward to today. Carl is working with Payment Logistics as his preferred payment processor. He takes advantage of their advanced technology offerings and is earning 325% more on his residuals.

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